Success is a journey.
To contantly get better on the way..

Our Progress

It was a long trip to where we were. Where and how did it all start?

  • A Dream Was Established

    The dream we had towards the end of pupilage was an organization that did extraordinary works for us to produce the technologies of the future in our own country.

  • First Concrete Steps

    They were concrete steps that made the dream come true, and these steps could easily come to life in the world of financial companies. Our finance projects that have no precedent in Turkey were a precursor of our absolute commitment to success.

  • A Large Team Is Being Established

    Success could only be achieved with the right team. The most valuable treasure was man, and these people were brought together with elaborate decisions and long processes.

  • A First in Turkey

    For the first time in Turkey, a software company tried an untested way by developing a special framework. This project, which has started to be praised throughout the country, has also been under the spotlight by curious audiences abroad.

  • First Date with Codex

    Our passion for doing business has inevitably brought great success. These great achievements deserved a great name. That's how the Codex was born.

  • We Shape The Future

    We are using tomorrow's technology from today, and with a great number of projects, we work hard and endeavour to make world's largest companies even larger.