Sometimes it's a creative and innovative look
that changes everything.

leonardo da vinci

Who Is Codex?

Codex has been developing custom software tailored for customer needs in Windows, web and mobile platforms as well as providing training and consultancy services with customer-based approaches and using globally accepted software development methods and techniques.

Rapid adaptation to technological developments in the world, reflecting the same change to the companies it serves, and producing solutions for customers to be efficient, competitive and profitable companies are the most important principles that a software company should have. Acting with this awareness, Codex is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading company that steers the future of the sector at national and international levels and maintains its rapid growth momentum with stability.

While technology ruthlessly makes the passing day past
A bridge from code between today and the future; Codex.

Our Projects With Ratios

The projects we have brought to life so far;

  • 20%Mobile
  • 25%Desktop
  • 30%Web
  • 15%Education
  • 5%Graphic Design
  • 5%Other


Great achievements are the work of complementary special people who have succeeded in becoming a team that believes in each other. The most important value of Codex is its creators.



Time rewards those who use it most accurately. Codex is committed to making the most of the one thing it can't compensate.



Being knowledgeable does not mean knowing everything. Being knowledgeable is to know where to find the right information and to use it in the most effective way. Codex has made its philosophy to be knowledgeable and continuous learner.